Blue Crane Group was established in Johannesburg, SA. What started out as a local strategic business consultant company in 2005, has bloomed into a thriving global consulting firm. Since the company was established we have accumulated a worldwide reputation due to our expertise, our diverse employee portfolios and our client-based, pragmatic approach. From the very early stages, Blue Crane Group has exponentially widened its clientele and expanded its operations. Over the years we have founded a network of local branches strategically located in major markets worldwide. Blue Crane Group has acquired a unique market position and with the progression of time has developed fruitful and sustainable relations with public agencies and NGO's. Today, our services encompass business and investment management, financial analysis, auditing, risk assessment, compliance and education in various industries.

Our Mission

'Business literacy, responsible leadership, resilience and adaptability'

Our mission is to strive for dynamic, pragmatic and personal collaboration with our clients, leading to a result-oriented, personalized service tailored to our clients' specific expectations whilst preparing our clients to be active in an ever-changing business landscape. Our motto is 'business literacy, responsible leadership, resilience and adaptability'. We dedicate all our time and effort to implement this, in equal measures, to small businesses, SME's, big corporations, financial institutions and public agencies alike. Amongst other industries, Blue Crane Group has a great deal of experience in particular as a leading international mining consultancy. We provide a wide range of services in support of worldwide mining projects and investments of all types and stages.

Our Philosophy

The blue crane - the national bird of South Africa, also known as the Paradise Crane.

Blue Crane Group derives its name from the national bird of South Africa, also known as the Paradise Crane. The Blue Crane is culturally significant to the Xhosa people. Traditionally when a man distinguished himself in battle, he was decorated with blue crane feathers in a ceremony called Ukundzabela. Men so honored were known as men of 'trouble'- the implication being that if trouble arose, they would reinstate peace and order.
We carry this philosophy through to our company philosophy, striving to be a pillar of stability and strength for our clients, while acting in the interests of their needs, and creating tailor made solutions, personalized to their particular requirements.

Corporate Governance

Our in-house team is comprised of a group of hand-picked experts chosen from diverse sources based on their academic prestige, their excellent track record in industry-leading positions, as well as their knowledge and experience. We believe that informed leadership and excellent business result from a strategic, scientific approach combined with knowledge and experience. As a consequence our experienced experts work with highly detailed, individualized financial analyses and business models which are implemented accordingly leading to enhanced and optimized business performance for our clients. We are not focused solely on profits and the bottom line; instead we use the most current economic models to formulate astute business forecasts and strategies. This enables our clients' businesses to outpace competition and to reap consistently attractive returns from market innovations. Business literacy and a comprehensive understanding of specific markets is the bedrock of successful business practice. This combined with responsibility, resilience and adaptability empowers business and guides the global visionaries of the future.